• Vincent

    Classic Ladies International Companion & Escort


    Available World-Wide To Mature Discerning Ladies Who Appreciate Refinement & Subtle Virility In A Man.

  • Notes To The Ladies

    Ladies: I am a Canadian Straight Male Escort and Ladies Companion residing in Toronto, Canada . Fr... ' Je Suis une escort masculine canadienne et un compagnon feminin base a Toronto au Canada'.. Also please be informed that I have regularly scheduled sojourns to the USA, Europe, Asia, Central & South America wherein I am available to escort Mature, Discerning, Open Minded Ladies for a rendezvous of your choosing. Upon our meeting you will find me to be a man of unpretentious style, sensuality, confidence and a former world-traveled Canadian Forces Officer : Ita... ' Ufficiale delle forze Canadesi' with strong arms, inviting lips , quick smile, engaging sense of humor and impeccable " Old World Manners."


    My nature is very kind and compassionate with the right blend of eroticism, dash and intellect without bravado and pretension. Furthermore, as a man who sets very high standards for himself, my-word-is-my-bond and I am old enough to remember when that really meant something.


    As one who travels extensively, I am available world-wide to Mature Ladies of ALL ethnicities who appreciate refinement and subtle virility in a man. I regard each rendezvous as a unique world of emotions and sensations with the stimulating , intertwining of fantasy with reality.


    Rest assured that in PUBLIC I am always the consummate discreet and attentive gentleman. In PRIVATE I am very romantic , sensual, uninhibited and passionate who always responds to YOUR wishes and desires.


    Until then...




    Occasions and Travel

    As stated in my opening I reside in Toronto, Canada but regularly travel world-wide. I am available to accompany you to any occasion of your choosing be it a social or business function, romantic tryst, rendezvous , vacation or just cocktails and dinner.


    Please send me an e-mail via the following address:

    E-Mail Off-Line Until Better Days.

    After our initial contact if you desire to converse via Telephone I will provide my Private/Unlisted Number.


    I look forward to hearing from YOU...

  • Please Note: Presently at my residence in Toronto, Canada- as of : 3/5/2020.

    Please stay safe and well during this terrible COVID-19 Pandemic. And , just a thought : If you can and have the means, help someone less fortunate than yourself.

    As for yours truly, I am volunteering 4 evenings each week at a Toronto area Food Pantry helping to prepare take-out meals for those in need and the homeless. And have now just started assisting during the day at a drive-in Covid 19 Testing Site. At which we are all dressed in surgical gowns with rubber gloves, masks AND face shields administering tests to people in lines of cars a mile long at a shopping centre parking lot.

    My very best to You and Your Loved Ones.


    The time is always right...to do what is right.

    Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.


  • Ladies of ALL ethnicities are welcome with open arms.