• Vincent

    Classic Ladies International Companion & Escort


    Available World-Wide To Mature Discerning Ladies Who Appreciate Refinement & Subtle Virility In A Man.

  • Notes To The Ladies

    Ladies: I am a Canadian Straight Male Escort and Ladies Companion residing in Toronto, Canada . Fr... ' Je Suis une escort masculine canadienne et un compagnon feminin base a Toronto au Canada'.. Also please be informed that I have regularly scheduled sojourns to the USA, Europe, Asia, Central & South America wherein I am available to escort Mature, Discerning, Open Minded Ladies for a rendezvous of your choosing. Upon our meeting you will find me to be a man of unpretentious style, sensuality, confidence and a former world-traveled Canadian Forces Officer : Ita... ' Ufficiale delle forze Canadesi' with strong arms, inviting lips , quick smile, engaging sense of humor and impeccable " Old World Manners."


    My nature is very kind and compassionate with the right blend of eroticism, dash and intellect without bravado and pretension. Furthermore, as a man who sets very high standards for himself, my-word-is-my-bond and I am old enough to remember when that really meant something.


    As one who travels extensively, I am available world-wide to Mature Ladies of ALL ethnicities who appreciate refinement and subtle virility in a man. I regard each rendezvous as a unique world of emotions and sensations with the stimulating , intertwining of fantasy with reality.


    Rest assured that in PUBLIC I am always the consummate discreet and attentive gentleman. In PRIVATE I am very romantic , sensual, uninhibited and passionate who always responds to YOUR wishes and desires.


    Until then...




    Occasions and Travel

    As stated in my opening I reside in Toronto, Canada but regularly travel world-wide. I am available to accompany you to any occasion of your choosing be it a social or business function, romantic tryst, rendezvous , vacation or just cocktails and dinner.


    Please send me an e-mail via the following address:

    E-Mail Off-Line Until Better Days.

    After our initial contact if you desire to converse via Telephone I will provide my Private/Unlisted Number.


    I look forward to hearing from YOU...

  • Please Note: Presently at my residence in Toronto, Canada- as of : 3/5/2020.

    Please stay safe and well during this terrible COVID-19 Pandemic. And , just a thought : If you can and have the means, help someone less fortunate than yourself.

    As for yours truly, I am volunteering all evenings at a Toronto area Food Pantry helping to prepare take-out meals for those in need and the homeless.

    My very best to You and Your Loved Ones.


    The time is always right...to do what is right.

    Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.


  • Ladies of ALL ethnicities are welcome with open arms.